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What our clients say

Jennifer H. from Great Falls
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John and his whole team just finished taking out two very large dead oak trees and trimmed a bunch more. They were absolutely excellent - professional, on-time, communicative, and extremely hard-working. They went above and beyond. Most importantly, though, John and his crew were honest and fair. We got 5 quotes to do this work from both large and small businesses. John's estimate was very fair and he was very thoughtful in putting it together. While many of the quotes we received told us we had to completely take out multiple more trees, John came up with creative, less expensive ways to fix the problems while not decimating our yard or our budget. I cannot recommend them enough!
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Trees need trimming for several reasons. Joe (arborist) look at the trees and recommend certain service that include trimming trees and fertilizer. They came did the work the day and time they were expected. The job was well done leaving my place clean and looking good.
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They have been around for years and years. We have used them twice. We have been very pleased with them. The gentleman who did it lives not very far from us. They cut the wood up and cut them into pieces. We have a wood burning stove in the kitchen which has been very handy. They cut it up and we pay for that. We save on fuel oil by using the wood burning stove. It's a family business. Their price is really good. They were very timely and they did everything the right way. They cut the wood up the way we asked them to. We were able to use it for firewood without any problem. They went above and beyond. Most times they cut it and leave it in a big pile or they chip it. I feel their price is quite reasonable. We have had some of the big names around, but Jack the Ripper was the best price and they were more reasonable for this area. He has been around as long as we have been around in this area. He knows what prices should be. He doesn't jack the price up just because it is the area. They told us they would be out one day but they couldn't come out because there were other storms that had come along. They came to me as soon as they could come out. When roads are blocked, they can only come when they can come. They have been fairly punctual. We plan on using them again because we have other trees that we would like to have trimmed.
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We recently purchased our home and had a number of overgrown trees in our yard. We initially contacted Jack the Ripper to remove a huge white pine in our front yard and an older tree in our backyard patio space. They declined to remove the pine because it required a crane to safely remove it, but they recommended two other companies better suited to remove trees of that size. They urged us to leave the tree in the patio space and simply prune it. He identified it as a Red Bud and a magnificent tree, one of the oldest that he had ever seen. We followed his expert advice pertaining to all the trees in our yard and we are delighted with the results. They were extremely professional and safety conscious throughout the process. Our yard was dramatically improved and we feel fortunate to have found this company. We will use them exclusively for all future tree work in our yard.
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I asked John from Jack the Ripper to give me an opinion on whether to take down a favorite tree. After some analysis he provided a thoughtful opinion that, unfortunately, the tree was not going to survive for long. I asked for a quote to take it down and remove the (large) stump. Compared to another outfit recommended by a neighbor, John's price was a bit lower. The work took a bit longer than expected, in that they left some wood and did not remove the stump until a few days after the tree was down. However, John's crew did a great job grinding the stump, removing surface roots and using some turf that he had leftover from another job to fill in where the surface roots were. He worked very hard to get the turf in after the stump grinding was done.