They have been around for years and years. We have used them twice. We have been very pleased with them. The gentleman who did it lives not very far from us. They cut the wood up and cut them into pieces. We have a wood burning stove in the kitchen which has been very handy. They cut it up and we pay for that. We save on fuel oil by using the wood burning stove. It’s a family business. Their price is really good. They were very timely and they did everything the right way. They cut the wood up the way we asked them to. We were able to use it for firewood without any problem. They went above and beyond. Most times they cut it and leave it in a big pile or they chip it. I feel their price is quite reasonable. We have had some of the big names around, but Jack the Ripper was the best price and they were more reasonable for this area. He has been around as long as we have been around in this area. He knows what prices should be. He doesn’t jack the price up just because it is the area. They told us they would be out one day but they couldn’t come out because there were other storms that had come along. They came to me as soon as they could come out. When roads are blocked, they can only come when they can come. They have been fairly punctual. We plan on using them again because we have other trees that we would like to have trimmed.